Reviews for Blue Eyed Pop

„In conclusion, this is an intriguing, detailed history of Icelandic pop that deserves to be on the bookshelf of every fan of Icelandic music. It explains, with words and photography, where the music you are listening to has come from, and crucially, where it might go next.“ – Edward Hancox / Iceland Review
„An eye-opening history of popular music in Iceland, covering both today’s acts and their predecessors, and revealing a lot of background and connections that casual observers of Icelandic pop music (especially abroad) might miss.“ – ACB / Goodreads
„This book is a must for anyone who appreciates the history of music.“ – Bryan Riebeek
„Blue Eyed Pop is the perfect resource for the English speaker who wants to learn more about the history of music in Iceland.“ – Jeff Obermeyer


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