BEP in Rolling Stone

Mr. David Fricke, senior editor at Rolling Stone and a frequent visitor to Iceland Airwaves, lists BLUE EYED POP as one of 2013’s highlights „When I went to Iceland in 1988 to interview the Sugarcubes, the arctic nation’s first, international rock stars, I quickly found out they were not a Year Zero phenomenon. Iceland had a long history of warping American and British pop to its own, compelling ends. Dr. Gunni, a musician and journalist, goes all the way back to his country’s wax-cylinder days but hits a gripping, detailed stride in his tales of drinking and striving by, among others, Sixties garage-beat pioneers Hljómar, the Cream-like Ödmenn and the Eighties dada-punk band Kukl (with a very young Björk). Blue Eyed Pop, first published in Icelandic in 2012, has no discography, but Dr.Gunni has curated a soundtrack of playlists.“


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